Save Me Rescue Charity Work Out


So for a blog that I thought would be dedicated to running my first post is actually nothing to do with running. My first post is about a really cool fundraiser I participated in on May 1. For the last year I’ve been working out at a small studio gym for cross training called One More Rep. My trainer is awesome, and sometimes full of tough love, but she is also so passionate about animals and our studio dogs are a staple for us.

12985526_10156707299295214_8797415628315635570_nThese three amigos captured my heart the very first time I met them, and the littlest one Sasha (she’s the white and brown one at the top left) was adopted through an agency called Save Me Rescue. So when my trainer said she’s organizing a fundraiser to help this wonderful organization of course I said yes. Animal welfare is a deep, deep passion of mine and anything to help dogs who need to find a home is something I am in for, hands down.


Just some background info . . . One More Rep is actually the only studio in my city that has IndoRowers. These are stationary rowers that use water resistance to train. And they’re actually pretty cool. As a runner, rowing is one of the best cross training workouts and so any time to work on that I’m also going to say yes.

So this work out was a two hour rowing, spin and core session made for bodies of steel, and it was the most fun I’ve had working out in a long time plus it was for a great cause so how could it not be totally awesome?

IMG_0927So my trainer  was so committed to helping this organization she decided to have a special work out where we got to pay for some torture and sweat soaked clothes, but on the bright side we got these super cool towels to commemorate the event . . . so there’s that.

Anyways, during this fundraiser there were a couple people there from Save Me Rescue and they brought a dog with them. First off, they brought a dog to a workout event full of women and second this dog was the cutest dog I’ve probably ever seen (and I have two very, very cute dogs in my life right now). Betty – which is the best name for this dog – is 12 years old and she’s blind, so she is constantly working her way through life by testing the ground one step at a time.

During the work out I got to thinking – and I had 2 hours to think about this – how Betty is navigating through life and how trusting she has to be of the people around her. She has no idea when someone is coming up to pet her and it scares her a little sometimes. But she loves to be held and cuddled. And I thought why can’t we trust the people around us more? Why can’t we go through life one step at a time instead of constantly worrying? Why can’t we just be happy like Betty? I decided to try to just enjoy my life, one step at a time, like Betty. (PS – I got news today that someone inquired to adopt Betty . . . she’s going to a fur-ever home! YAY!!)


Ok – back to the work out.  People love animals and almost everyone is always saying how they wish they could be in better shape . . . so take advantage of people’s kind nature and raise some money for causes like this. Also, if you have talented friends (not me, just clarifying) who can make super cool cupcakes like these you could also sell those because well, people also like cupcakes. Who doesn’t?

This was an awesome event and I highly recommend getting involved in your community in any way that you can. There are so many rescue organizations that do such good work and they need help – they need leashes, toys, food, foster homes – all the time. So here’s Save Me Rescue, and if you live in South Western Ontario you could definitely get involved with this organization. If not, I’m quite sure there’s one in your area.

Next post will be about running . . . promise!



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